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of a house. he escaped after he used his handcuffs to choke a deputy, the deputy lost consciousness and champagne ran away on foot. a tip led them to the home where champagne was hiding out. >> the federal marshals we give them the information they ran with the information. i have no idea how they got the tip. but they got a tip in richmond virginia and looked at that. had the house under observation for two hours, at which time they had belief to believe the gentlemen was in the house. when they entered there was various people in the house, they searched the house twice. they found him within the wall and took him in to custody. >> he was convicted of felony burglary before he made his escape. he will face additional charges including attempted murder for attack on the deputy. >>> at least six police agencyes in the u.s. marshals service all took part in the effort. >>> carroll county, witnesses saw the ultra light engine stop before the accident. the propeller stopped moving. the federal investigators say the control cables were corroded and the fuel may have been contaminated.
beaches bring us a rough weekend. we continue to danny's path first warning weather coverage first we begin with meteorologist the first warning weather center. tim williams will begin. >> we'll take you to it and give you an idea of what it looks like. this is a photo of danny, it's still not an impressive storm on radar or satellite, looks like a wild mass of thunderstorms holding on to the tropical storm status with sustained winds of 30 miles per hour. it has gusts of 52 miles per hour. as you see, it never changes to category one status. it stays offshore about 150- miles, we'll see the effects. danny kicking moisture back in our direction. it's only one part of a rainmaker playing into the forecast for tomorrow. for more, to marty bass. >>> good afternoon, the projected rainfall totals tomorrow through tomorrow night for central maryland and the mid-atlantic. looks like none. the bulk of moisture is going to be north of the mason dixon line and into the valley primarily because of low moving our way from georgia. danny is not really a player in our moisture content. it appears
. >> this isn't brain surgery, they give us clues. and we should act on those clues before trouble starts. that's my lane, right? that's what i want my cops to do. and i want them to go up and i want them to say, welcome to the harbor. don't act like a jerk here, we want you to have a good time, but leave all this gang stuff at home. or if you can't, go back home, and then we'll deal with you there. you don't get to act like a fool here. >> wjz was the only station there last night as mayor dixon walked around the inner harbor asking questions of merchants, tourists and police officers, she's trying to get a better sense for herself of what it will take to make that area more safe and secure. meanwhile, the police commissioner himself says that the case has not been cracked yet, no arrests have been made, he says that the victims in the case are not being cooperative whatsoever, because they themselves are gang members, and he says he's hoping someone from the public will come forward to help them crack this case. we're live at the police academy, eyewitness news. >> thank you, we'll look for m
winds are near 50 miles per hour. danny is on a path to clip the u.s., we could be in for a rough and rainy weekend. eyewitness news live with first warning coverage. let's go to marty who is tracking danny. >>> good afternoon. give me your attention, i'll bust it down in pure english. what is developing is a complex weather situation of which danny is only about 1/3 of. let's look at him on the satellite. about 5 50 miles southeast of the cape and makes a turn to the north and then northeast, the winds 50 miles per hour and we're expecting danny to strengthen. before i put it in motion, i want you to notice the time line, danny is a beam of the mouth of the chesapeake bay early saturday morning and 12 hours later danny is long gone. going to turn into a category one hurricane. danny will throw, come back here, danny will throw a bunch of moisture at us. inland about 1/2 inch of rain. winds of sustained 40 miles per hour along the coast of ocean city, a steady breeze here in baltimore. here's where it gets complicated. now, not only do we have a source of moisture, we have a warm
is hurricane bill? bernadette woods is tracking it all for us in the first warning weather center. >> three named tropical systems, claudette made landfall early this morning, i want to show you first warning doppler radar, what we have going on at this point is mainly heavy rain. just offshore you're seeing the purples, that is going to come on shore in the next few moments here, will continue to feed up from the gulf, it's lost a lot of its circulation, it made landfall at 1:10 eastern time just outside of fort walton beach. in the center of this, it will continue to move off to the northwest. this track right here, we're going to switch it over and show you our satellite here, better idea of the track going on, there's still a lot of rain with this system, and some of it is going to get drawn up to the north and into a front that will move our way. at this point the last advisory has been issued on claudette. we have to give you a quick update on bill, as of the 11:00 update, winds up to 92 miles an hour, that's still a category 1 storm, it's a really good chance it will be category 2. i
advised mixon to use makeup, losing the debate when he appeared tired and pale and losing the election. years later he was the first executive producer of the cbs evening news. he is credited with coining the term anchor man. and creating the look defined how news was presented. but his greatest creation was no doubt 60 minutes. the show that changed the face of broadcast journalism. >> this is 60 minutes. it is a magazine for television. >> it was the first news program to be a top ten show. iting arely made headlines with stories ranging from investigative pieces to interviews with the famous and notorious. it won every award in the book. >> forget it this week. >> tell me a story, he would demand. he had an instinct for knowing what the average american likes to watch and scrutinised every scent. it was on top for more than 30 years. hewett had celebrated his 80th birthday when in 2004 he stepped down as head of 60 minutes. but he remained in the family lending his experience and expertise to the search for new ways to cover tv news. >> there will be more on the death of don hewett
and they had great respect for one another. the flag at the u.s. capitol was lowered to half staff in honor of the country's third longest serving senator who put his stamp on causes he held dear, health care, education and civil rights. con coul lens -- condolence calls are flooding into his washington office. >> reporter: two vans left the compound before dawn this morning. there is no word yet on funeral arrangements. kennedy represented the people of massachusetts for 40 years. >> i feel that a great dynasty has basically come to an end, and that he was really a great man. >> for me, this is a season of hope. >> reporter: one year ago at the democratic national convention kennedy spoke of his own illness and the fight for health care reform. the issue the nation is now focused on. >> the ghost an spirit of ted kennedy is going to be with that health care debate. >> reporter: ted kennedy was 77. his meme what is due -- memoir is due out this fall. cbs news. >> thank you very much. our complete coverage continues now. we have reaction this noon from local lawmakers. good afternoon. >> rep
flight 128 were treated right on the tarmac at miami international airport. rescue crews used whatever vehicles they could find to get the people from the plane to the ground. >> we had to use the catering trucks. they have elevators that serve food to the aircraft. we used those elevators to bring the patients down in a safe manner. >> more than 20 were injured, four seriously when the boeing 767 bound from rio de janeiro to houston hit turbulence. >> all right the plane takes a dip and rises up, and you see people screaming, please, help. >> 168 passengers were on the jet around 4:30 this morning when the plane encountered rough air just north of the dominican republic. the pilot was forced to land in miami. because of customs and immigration regulations, the uninjured had to stay on the plane for nearly three hours. the flight heads on to houston today. the passengers on board are hoping for smooth air between florida and texas. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> another of the passengers described the flight saying it was so violent some of the flight attendants we
be used to conceal a handgun. that person was fiennes, the sergeant ordered him to stand up and keep his hands in sight. fiennes reacted suddenly, by pushing the sergeant with one hand before he turned around. the sergeant grabbed fiennes by the sweatshirt and pushed him to the ground. >> if a police officer comes up to you and asks you to do something, there's no need to make a scene, just follow the instructions. >> the large silver object was a cell phone. the ravens issued this statement, like all citizens, tony will get his due process and have his opportunity to explain. there two sides to every story. fein's arrest follows a crackdown at the inner harbor, including a gang related shooting earlier this month. >> whether you're johnny on the street, a raven's player, when a uniformed officer comes up to you, we're trying to enforce the law and make our jobs safe. >> the ravens signed fein in june as a free agent. >> thanks, mike. fein is scheduled to appear in court on october 7th. >>> we've learned the h1n1 flu virus is responsible for seven deaths in our area. >> in a little while
caught using a cell phone behind the wheel. the driver has been on leave since a rider photographed her last month. she use her personal phone to call the control center because her radio wasn't working. there's a zero tolerance policy for cell phone use by drivers. >>> two air traffic controllers on duty during the cash over the hudson river is on leave. >> reporter: two on duty are suspended. one was on the phone with his girlfriend, the other, a supervisor, wasn't even in the building. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: the faa says it probably didn't contribute to the collision over the hudson river, but it's unacceptable. the plane took off from new jersey's airport with the controllers in charge. minutes later, they handed off to a control tower further down the river. >> when you talk about places like the hudson, these are air zones carved out for pilots to fly in with very little in terms of regulation and safety really is depending on the pilot and not the aviation association. >> reporter: 6 people were on board and it just took off here along the hudson river, all nine people
of that is coming our way. but it is busting out ahead of the same weather that is going to bring us thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. could we see that for reshows weather happen here? bernadette woods with details shortly. >> thank you marty. >>> bill clinton is on a surprise to north korea aiming to bring home two jailed u.s. journalists. more on this diplomatic mission. >> reporter: the former president bill clinton arrived in north korea to secure the release of two american journalists. he redecieved a warm welcome. >>> -- rereeved a warm welcome. >> a delicate diplomatic dance. >> reporter: he conveyed a message from president obama but the white house denies it saying this is solely a private mission. still if clinton can convince the north koreans to release lee and ling it could clear the way to diplomatic talks. they were captured along the north korean border in march and later sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for sneaking into the country illegally and engaging in hostile acts. the families of the journalists approached clinton for help. >> this is the highest profile of the forme
certainly are asking our customers to be prudent with their use of electricity during this heat wave. we believe we have sufficient supply for our customers' demand, but it's always a good idea to conserve. >> reporter: once again back live in roland park, they're doing a little paving project here out in the heat. some of these workers -- as far the power outages are concerned at last check, about 1,200 people across maryland are still without power, and if you live in the city and you have heat-related concerns, you can always dial 311. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. stay with us for more first warning weather coverage. wjz is always on. the updated forecast and watches and warnings on wjz.com. >>> right now praise is pouring in for the woman who embodied the kennedy family's tradition of public service. president barack obama calling eunice kennedy shriver an extraordinary woman and a champion for the rights of the mentally disabled. here's drew levenson reporting for wjz with more reaction to this maryland resident's passing. >> reporter: eunice kennedy shriver died overni
. mike hellgren joins us outside circuit court where a hearing has just ended. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, don, mary. this is the first time we had on-camera interviews with the mayor's attorneys and state prosecutors since the new indictments were handed down. the judge threw out the old flawed case against mayor something the prosecutor wanted. and the new case begins. he set that trial date for november unless it gets out with new motions to dismiss which are expected before then. the mayor's attorney promise a vigorous fight when she heads to trial on november 9, the date set in court this morning. >> we will be able to be within the schedule that has been served. >> reporter: if they don't get the case thrown out before hand. among the new motions they plan to file that the state prosecutor abused the grand jury system by bringing back charges the judge dismissed as flaws but rewriting them so they would have a better chance of making them through. >> we will get a little more discovery under the new charges, and once we go through that, we expect we will
and sped off in the truck. >> they were able to use a tracking device. the teens got away. court papers reveal calvin lockner said it would not have happened if he was a white man. he has a hitler tattoo that says he is a member of the dangerous hate group the aaron botherhood. they disappointed. >> i'm surprised. this is -- this is a community that we live in. and we don't have problems like that around here. >> reporter: the suspects face a long list of criminal charges, including attempted murder charges. prosecutors say they want to try the suspects in the hate crime laws. we're live at police headquarters. eyewitness news. >> we are following the story, we will have the latest today at 4, 5 and 6:00. >>> other breaking news where there is a hazmat situation at catholic high school. and we're live over the scene. what do you see? >> we're at edson highway and in northeast. before 11:30 there was an explosion of a chemical that occurred in a storage area of one of the science labs here at the school. personnel responded to the scene. they determined it was a bottle that exploded due
for him. >> use it as a form of strength to help you to succeed to be focused and to know that you not only are gifts of god, but you have greatness inside of you. >> the american federation of teachers president is also touring schools in baltimore city today, baltimore is one of eight stops nationwide that she'll be visiting. back to you on tv hill. >> complete coverage continues at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a new semester at the university of college park started off on a sour note. there's no word on his current condition, campus police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> even if you haven't paid your taxes the state is willing to forgive you, ron matson is live in the newsroom with details of a just announced tax amnesty program. >> the program is a win for the state and a win for messengerrers, the state gets the money its due and taxpayers get to clear their back taxes. those who owe back taxes will have from september 1st to october 30th to pay back what they owe free of penalty and interest approved. the holiday applies to income, sales, withholding and other tax
with us for complete coverage and we're always on for constant updates on the forecast, heat alerts and a list of the cooling centers as well as any summer school sessions closing early because of the heat as you just heard. go to wjz.com. >>> we are following some breaking news this noon in northeast baltimore. scpie chopper 13 -- sky chopper 13 is over the scene. we have more on a barricade situation. >> reporter: that's the information we have, don. apparently around 10:30 this morning baltimore city police had a robbery occur in the vicinity in the northeast district. responding officers apparently the suspects to the initial robbery ran into either a convenience store or gas station right along bel air road and mary avenue and barricaded themselves inside. what is causing problems at the scene is here is the road is closed in both directions for about two blocks either side of bel air road, mary avenue so north and southbound have been closed for about an hour and a half and will remain as police activity continues. there's no additional word at this time whether they've been a
will be in town to explain the plan and we want to know your thoughts. e-mail them to us at web alert and click on the link at the top of the wjz home page. >>> an unusual on the job fatality. he was mowing the grass in columbia when he apparently fell asleep and his riding mower kept going, going down the side of the hill and pinning him underneath it. they're investigating. >>> a prince george county woman accused of luring a man to his death. she invited andre hayes to a place where he was shot to death. >>> the swine flu claimed another life here in the state of maryland. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, the maryland department of health and mental hygiene confirmed that a sixth person has died, the latest victim is the adult from the washington suburb. the sex and age has not been released but it's known that they did have underlying conditions. 436 people nationwide have died after contracting h1n1 virus. don. >>> thank you very much. maryland health officials say we can expect more deaths into the fallen winter. >>> this noon, a charles county judge under fire for deflating someo
to reassure the world and wall street that the u.s. will be sticking with this approach. the markets like the news. >> he's really done a great job keeping this market from falling into a bit. there's no question about itment the senate is expected to reconfirm bernanke, but he does have his critics who say he may have saved wall street but not millions who lost their homes to foreclosure. >> our objective remains constant. to maintain an economic environment in which opportunity can flourish. >> reporter: 10% of americans are expected to be out of work bit end of the year. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. >> president bush appointed bernanke in 2006 following alan greenspan's 18-year tenure. >>> the governor plans massive furloughs for state employee s to save millions of dollars and to balance the budget. the governor has just detailed his plans, and pat warren is it live outside the statehouse where the governor spoke moments ago. good afternoon, pat. >> the governor is continuing at this hour to brief reporters on what he plans to do at the board of public works tomorrow,
that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix. when taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin, the risk of bleeding may increase so tell your doctor before planning surgery. analways talk to your doctor before taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. if you develop fever or, unexplained weakness or confusion, tell your doctor promptly as these may be signs of a rare but potentially life-threatening condition called ttp, which has been reported rarely, sometimes in less than two weeks after starting therapy. other rare but serious side effects may occur. >> caught in the cross-fire. this is video of a shooting that left a five-year-old fighting for her life. another shooting hit as woman inside their home. reaction to all the street violence. >>> hello again. i'm don so the. that's what people are talking about today, this latest shooting that wound add leader in the cherry hill community. eyewitness news mike hellgren is live. >> reporter: good afternoon. the latest victim is shirley fouts. she's very active and has be
'm mary bubala. here's what people will be talking about: he used three guns to spray bullets in a gym in pittsburgh. new video of the gunman as he talks about his problem connecting with women. >> reporter: the gunman left two disturbing videos on youtube. >> it's easy to hide from my emotions. >> reporter: the 48-year-old loner who killed three women and injured nine others talks about how to work on emotions to attract women. >> the couch matches, the women will be impressed. >> come i've here, there's some reading material. >> reporter: he lived her for ten years, he seemed happy and never thought he would be capable of mass murder. >> i felt like he was a loner who liked to keep to himself. >> reporter: she lives across the street with her daughter and boyfriend. she was distressed to learn from the chilling web diary he had his eye on her daughter. he wrote:police say had hate for women opened fire on a class. she was shot in each shoulder. >> i tried to hole my breath because i was afraid if he saw me breathing he would shoot again. >> a vigil planned tonight for 6 hospita
us. >> reporter: a witness said that they watched the accident unfold. and some are saying that the police were chasing the thieve. and police are saying that they have a different version. but one woman is dead and a suspected car thieve is in the hospital. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of a deadly car collision yesterday afternoon. now, police know the name of the woman killed in the accident. the crash left her car in a twisted mess feet away from the sidewalk. >> this is the first time i have ever seen anything like that before. and i hope i never have to see it again. >> reporter: mckay was dribbing her car southbound when the driver of the gray car struck her. police are saying that car was stolen and the thieve was trying to get away from officers, from the regional auto theft task force. but police insist, they were not chasing the car thieve. >> he took off at a high rate of speed, before the officers could follow. based on the way that driver was driving they were order to break it off immediately. >> reporter: rescue workers rushed the thieve and mckay to
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21